(Chattanooga, Tennessee)—With the current state of our economy, many people are worried about their personal finances. If you are facing mounting financial debt, Doctor Debt has come to the rescue (www.AskDoctorDebt.com).

Here's a couple examples of the type of commonly asked questions with responses from experts with ACA International Education Foundation (ACA) who coordinate and lead out with the 'Ask Doctor Debt' global initiative:

Answer -- "Yes, you may still be obligated to pay the second mortgage loan. The proceeds of a foreclosure sale are applied to the first mortgage loan and then to the second loan. The second mortgage lender could file a deficiency judgment against you if the proceeds from the sale were not enough to cover the entire second mortgage loan balance," Ask Doctor Debt.

Answer -- "Your brother should contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling at http://www.nfcc.org/. They are a nonprofit network of credit counselors and can refer your brother to someone for help," Ask Doctor Debt.

In 2009, ACA International launched a completely free consumer education Web site called www.AskDoctorDebt.com. "One of the reasons for the success of this on-line resource is that Ask Doctor Debt carries an overwhelmingly positive, friendly and timely message aimed at helping consumers dealing with credit and debt issues," states Mark Schiffman, ACA International Education Foundation Executive Director. Serving as a sort of online Dear Abby, Ask Doctor Debt features a dynamic and searchable FAQ Database that allows users to quickly find answers to the most commonly-asked questions related to credit and debt.  "The Web site also allows consumers to submit their own individual questions to an Ask Doctor Debt, expert, along with providing tips on how to get out of debt and how to understand your rights when it comes to credit and collection issues," states Schiffman. Ask Doctor Debt features budget calculators, a free personal financial management Web course, links to nonprofit credit counseling services and other consumer resources.

The site was created to serve the Foundation's stated mission of improving financial literacy through consumer outreach and made possible in part through local funding raising initiatives coordinated by employees and leadership of the Chattanooga based North American Credit Services (NACS). "Our employees know better than anyone the challenge consumers face in managing their personal finances, supporting the 'Ask Doctor Debt' campaign is an ideal way for us to give back in our community," states Dallas S. Bunton, Sr, IFCCE, MCE; CEO and Chairman of NACS and Medical Services of Chattanooga. "Helping the people we contact learn the skills they need to use credit wisely and regain control of their finances gives us pride in the important work we do."

To learn more about North American Credit Services visit www.nacscom.com. And to learn more about "Ask Doctor Debt" and why it was created, visit www.AskDoctorDebt.com.


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