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Exceeding Best Practice

Following debt collection regulations is standard in our industry, but these guidelines are not the only part of our services.  In-House Counselor Delton Chen shares what’s par for the course in our business practices and how our team works to exceed them to provide the best service.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1978 (“FDCPA”) provides federal consumer protection and regulation of debt collection activities. These regulations created the general standards of conduct, defined and restricted abusive collection acts, and provided consumer rights under Federal law. The FDCPA influenced many States to develop their state consumer protection statutes. Many such States’ statutes mirror the FDCPA and provide expanded regulations to debt collectors. Therefore, it is vital to understand the FDCPA and the State specific statutes that govern debt collection in any geographic area.

Compliance with Federal Regulations and State Statutes is a high priority for NACS. In service to this commitment, we find ethical and compliant solutions for our clients and their patients to make sensible payment arrangements. Our staff is continuously trained on updates to Federal Regulations and State Statutes to ensure the highest level of service in the industry.

Before contacting any client’s patient, NACS uses a priority process to review each account for accuracy. Our highly trained call center representatives speak with our client’s patients with professionalism and an eye for finding solutions to resolve outstanding balances. Our proprietary workflow has operated for over 40 years, and NACS is recognized as an industry leader with a reputation for integrity, efficiency, customer service excellence, and superior performance.